Speakers & Artists

Keynote Speakers

Jed Perl – Re-imagining Representation: On the Challenges of the Real and the Ideal
John Nava - Representing by Hand: Painting in the Digital Age

Featured Presenters

Virgil Elliot – The Concept Of Quality In Art; Inspirational And Practical Concerns
Ruth Weisberg - The Possibilities of Post-postmodernism
Vern Swanson - TASTE BLINDS: Criticizing the Critics
Graydon Parrish – TBA


Elaine Adams
Vern Swanson
Michael Pearce
David Kassan
Richard T. Scott
Sadie Valeri

Demonstration Artists

Béla Bacsí – Sculpture
Jeremy Lipking – Painting the Figure
Tony Pro – Alla Prima Portrait Painting
Alexey Steele – Russian Academy Figure Drawing
Mia Tavonatti – Mosaic
Sadie Valeri – Flemish Grisaille Painting

Academic Papers

Accepted Papers as of August 14th 2012.
NEW EXTENDED DEADLINE September 12th 2012

Zahra Banyamerian The Roots of Representational Painting in Iran
Diane Bywaters and Kristin Gjerdset The Importance of Representational Artists in Raising Awareness of Our Environment
John Devane Competence, Craft and Crisis in Representational Art
Saskia Eubanks The Dialectics of Impropriety: Realism and the American Feminist
Lucio Giuliodori Beyond Surrealism, beyond Psychoanalysis: Dino Valls
Moya Goosen A post-colonial (re)positioning: Leora Farber’s Dis-Location/Re-Location (2004-2007) and Richardt Strydom’s Skadu-Ander-Skadu-Self (2009)
Elle Grey Technology, Sex and Beauty Engendered
Kay Kane The Restoration of Venus, The Nude, Beauty and Modernist Misogyny
Yvonne Korshak Hidden Representational Images in Helen Frankenthaler’s Abstract Paintings
Justin Kunz World, Story and Meaning in Contemporary Representational Art
Gingher Leyendecker The Effects of Technical and Conceptual Teaching Methodologies on Student Outcomes in Life Drawing
Birsen Limon The Outcome of Representation in Turkish Art: Alienation
Nan Liu Painting and Drawing Instruction in Higher Education in the United States: Historical Overview of Trends from 1776 until 2006
Patrick McKee The Quiet Sublime – A Case for Still Life Paintings
Claire Nettleton Postmodern Poodles and Electric Sows: Contemporary Representational Animal Art in the Beauté Animale Exhibition
Sepideh Nouri The Representation of Women’s Bodies in Contemporary Iranian Painting
Obiageli Offor A Plot Structure Analysis of Favourite Artists in Nigeria
Jack Reilly Digital Art Technology: Prototyping and Creating Representational Art
John Seed Anne Harris, Kyle Staver and Janice Nowinski: Three Approaches to Beauty
Richard T Scott The Slow Renaissance: The Death of Art, The Birth of Context
Livia Stoenescu Retrospective Tendencies in Modern Painting
Elizabeth Yochim, Zhenya Gershman, Michele Mattei, Mark Snyder Four-dimensional Portrait for the 21st Century